Melody Close, Pilates Instructor & Rehabilitation Specialist

“Before my journey studying health/wellness/Pilates/rehabilitation started I was constantly dieting, hating myself and my body, cringing every time I saw photos of myself, always in pain and feeling sick. As I began to learn how my body worked and responded with input & output my life changed. Pilates has had an irreversible impact on my life and will always be an outlet I turn to.

My weight changes like the weather due to my autoimmune disease and I’ve learned it stems from my gut health, stress levels & making healthy choices. Wellness is a lifestyle, not a fad diet or grueling fitness regime.  

You’re not alone on this journey. Your Tribe has your back, and our studio is a safe place to give you the Freedom to have honest conversations about your fitness journey. My door is always open and I’m just a message away. With love & Sparkles, Melody”

Melody has competed an unprecedented number of Pilates qualifications in many areas of the art form including: Total Barre, Classical Ballet Barre, Mat Pilates, Pre/Post Natal Pilates, Special Population Rehabilitation (Including MS, CP, Spinal Injuries, Brain Injury, etc), Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, Injury Rehabilitation for mobility (back, neck, shoulders, knee/hip surgery etc). She is working towards being a Master Pilates Instructor!  


Ange Ormsby, Pilates Instructor

"I have always been into my fitness, and trained in Martial Arts for 8 years in the UK, working on teaching in the last few years of that time. Then I decided to pack my bags an move across the other side of the world, to pursue my career as a vet nurse here in New Zealand. I tried for a long time to find my niche here in fitness in the last 9 years but it wasn’t until I joined one of Melody’s Pilates classes a couple of years ago that I found my enjoyment in fitness again.

I found Pilates so good in many ways, as it helped with injuries I’d suffered from my martial arts and gym days and still helped me to maintain my strength and fitness just with less impact movements.

A year in and I was loving Freedom Pilates and the wonderful tribe of ladies that came with it. When Melody asked if I wanted to train to teach I jumped at the chance to try something new and to hep support others on the fitness journeys"

Ange has completed a Pilates Diploma Course with Centre of Excellence and is currently working towards completing Barre certificate with Barre Guild Academy, to become a certified Barre instructor in an authentic Lotte-Berk based barre training. 


Jenny Rose Simpson, Pilates Instructor

"I have always loved health and fitness and the community of like-minded people that surround and support each other. One thing I have always struggled with is bouncing between diets, plans, and the highs and lows of trying to find the right fitness path that best suits my body and lifestyle.

After trying almost everything I found the amazing art of Pilates and yoga. Not only do I believe this form of fitness improves your mental and physical strength but also your internal well-being. Gut health, food balance, and freedom from restraint is a massive belief of mine, my passion is to educate those who also struggle to find their path how empowering, revitalizing and life-changing having a healthy balanced lifestyle is to improve your overall health"