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Enjoy high energy, inspiring classes that deliver incredible results.


Feel the Freedom with Pilates

Enjoy high energy, inspiring classes that deliver incredible results. Learn how to perfect your technique with ever-changing exercises to keep your body guessing. It’s everything you want in a workout but nothing you would expect.

Join us for support through your fitness journey here in the Taupo Pilates Studio and at home through our app!

The Freedom Tribe is where you can connect and engage with women who have a focus towards a healthy lifestyle. Build confidence, strength, and health with the encouragement of the Freedom Tribe.

My promise to you

I teach Pilates to help people feel FREEDOM in their bodies.

I train bodies that are VULNERABLE , those that are exceptional & everyone in between.

I teach people to ENDURE & always reach for more.

Because of Pilates, I know that sometimes we must regress in order to PROGRESS.

I know that CHANGE happens through small acts over time.

And that improving one persons WELLBEING can positively impact the entire COMMUNITY.

with love & sparkles,
Melody Close
Owner, Master Pilates Instructor & Rehabilitation Specialist

Freedom Pilates Online


Barre Pilates

Low-impact high-intensity strength training sessions focusing on breathing, posture, flexibility, and toning. The use of isometric muscle contractions & ballet derived exercises work to create long lean, toned muscles. All tutus aside, Barre Pilates is for everyone from beginners to advanced!


Rehabilitation Pilates

Are you living in pain? Chronic neck, back or sciatic pain? Old sports injuries that are effecting your work? Do you have pelvic floor problems, abdominal separation or suffer from a prolapse?

Then I can help! Book in for a consultation to discuss your treatment options.


Reformer Pilates

One of the hottest and most effective celebrity workouts, the reformer machine will leave you feeling stronger after just one session! A wide variety of exercises are done on the reformer to promote length, strength, flexibility, and balance. It is a full body, low impact workout - you have to try reformer Pilates!


Mat Pilates

Pilates exercises done on a mat to work on your lower and upper back, stomach, and legs. Your body weight will act as a resistance, and every core muscle will be recruited to do the mat Pilates exercises. You will be in control of your brain and body. Mat Pilates is the best class to start with for beginners.


Personal Training

Come alone or bring your bestie/partner and enjoy a personal training session with Melody, tailored just to suite you & your fitness goals. This session will leave you burning for the rest of the day and wanting to come back for more!


Antenatal Pilates

Gentle effective workouts for mums and mums-to-be. Each session includes specific conditioning movements to target the affected areas and re-gain strength. Clinically trained, Melody has worked alongside midwives and physiotherapists to create these workouts so you can safely strengthen and rehabilitate your body.


Cardio Reformer

The Cardio Reformer class is a combination of Reformer Pilates, Plyometrics and Aerobic workouts. Designed for full body strengthening, core activation and cardiovascular endurance this class is sure to keep you motivated.
The class involves lots of jumping, kicking, pressing, lifting and rotating movements, all designed to test and fatigue. So expect to sparkle and feel the burn with Cardio Reformer!


Paddle Board Pilates

Paddle Board Pilates is about having fun, experiencing nature and practicing mindfulness.
Having some experience in paddle boarding, Pilates or yoga is helpful but not necessary. SUP runs in the Summer months only when the lake is warm and calm. Connect with us to hear about up and coming classes and events.


Princess Ballerinas

Building Confidence & Memories To Last A Lifetime . . . One Incredible Child At A Time.

Princess Ballerina classes combine the power of imagination, the magic of music and the joy of movement to help children blossom through dance.


Feel the Freedom with us

Join us at the Taupo Pilates studio for your fitness fix! Enjoy our online classes and the Freedom Tribe community through the Freedom app


Shout out to this amazing woman Melody Close who continues to put her all into everything she does!

Jessica Vaughn

It's so good for my mind and body, I am stronger, more toned and have way more self-confidence. I would be lost without Melody and the Freedom Tribe!

Candace Bourgeois

Melody knows just how to target the back of thighs like no other trainer has . . . It makes me happy knowing Barre is working.

Ellie Spicer

Pilates has made a significant difference to my body and has increased my flexibility, balance, and strength.

Erica Ohmes

I love working out with Melody, and now with the Freedom App I can!

Lisa Fitzgerald

I love Melody's pilates workouts, her enthusiasm is contagious . . . Melody has changed my life!

Susannah O'Callaghan