Pilates bridges the gap between injury and full recovery. The low impact exercise and resistance training that are intrinsic in Pilates allow you to maintain and improve your fitness and muscle balance during the healing process. Traditional Pilates exercises can be modified to allow for pain free injury rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation Pilates can help with a range of injuries including pelvis, hip, back and spine, shoulder, foot and neck. Melody works closely with women throughout pregnancy and beyond, she can help with all areas of women’s health including pelvic floor problems, abdominal separation and prolapse.

As our connective tissues stiffen age, it is common to have some muscle groups that are either too tight or too weak. Stretching and release techniques for specific muscles helps maintain flexibility and allow for good postural alignment and strength training.

Why use Pilates for rehab? Pilates will give you better general fitness and pain free! Improved physical health, balance reactions and posture. Our goal is to help you to be able to do the things in life you want to do. Injuries can really hold us back, get in touch with us to book your rehabilitation consultation and feel the Freedom!