Pilates Classes

Our Pilates classes take the best of classical Pilates and integrates personal training at it's finest. You will be burning and sculpting almost every single muscle in your body with every move you make. Pilates workouts make you connect, stabilize and focus like you never have before. 

At Freedom you can expect a wide range of Pilates classes. We offer Cardio Barre, Barre and Mat Pilates both in studio and online with a selection of classes tailored to antenatal and rehabilitation clients.

Barre Pilates: Low-impact high-intensity strength training sessions focusing on breathing, posture, flexibility, and toning. The use of isometric muscle contractions & ballet derived exercises work to create long lean, toned muscles. All tutus aside, Barre Pilates is for everyone from beginners to advanced! 

Mat Pilates: Pilates exercises done on a mat to work on your lower and upper back, stomach, and legs. Your body weight will act as a resistance, and every core muscle will be recruited to do the mat Pilates exercises. You will be in control of your brain and body. Mat Pilates is the best class to start with for beginners.

Antenatal Pilates: Gentle effective workouts for mums and mums-to-be. Each session includes specific conditioning movements to target the affected areas and re-gain strength. Clinically trained, Melody has worked alongside midwives and physiotherapists to create these workouts so you can safely strengthen and rehabilitate your body.

Rehabilitation Pilates: Are you living in pain? Chronic neck, back or sciatic pain? Old sports injuries that are affecting your work? Do you have pelvic floor problems, abdominal separation or suffer from a prolapse? Then I can help! Book in for a consultation to discuss your treatment options.