Melody Close, the woman behind Freedom

Melody was introduced to Pilates at a young age in a studio in New York. She became engrossed in the teachings and benefits and went quickly into studying the art form.

Melody started working with injured dancers and moved onto helping members of the local community who were living with chronic pain. Her passion for rehabilitation grew stronger with every client she was able to help.

Melody moved to New Zealand in 2014 and set out to combine her passion for fitness and love of dance and performing arts which led to the creation of her first studio Freedom Dance & Pilates. She taught mothers and children alike and thrived from the growth she saw through women’s commitment to being stronger.

Melody created a boutique studio to welcome all women, a place for women to support each other and her drive has never stopped.

With the desire to alleviate the pressure many women feel to look a certain way she has now gone one step further and created a safe place that women can exercise and get their freedom fix. That place being the Freedom App, where women can easily bring pilates into their everyday routine wherever they are.

As a certified Pilates and Barre Instructor, Melody is committed to helping people meet their fitness goals through her passion for pilates, yoga, fitness, and health.

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